This is the place to read about and/or learn about the Yagers. Most of the postings will be from me – Jon – as Jamie recently said, “if I wanted to blog don’t you think I would have one of my own already?” So I’m not sure she is ready to commit.

Me, Jamie, Kiel (and soon Emily), Tree, and Samanth. That is who we are and who you will read about. But that is not all.

You can find what we are doing, what we like, what we don’t like, what we are reading, what news interstes us, what websites we like, what books we read, who we like, who we want to bug, things that we think will poke fun at others, what we listen to, arts, current events, etc.

I see this as a combination of a Journal and a time capsule. I journal would be boring to read by other then family members so expect this to be more of the later. We (or I) will use this as a sharing point for things that are helping us survive, or giving us fun, or just plain killing us.