I’ll be using categories and tags though out my posts to help you find what you want to know about us, and to help me stay organized. The problem is that tags also link to thinks outside of this blog. In 99% of cases that is great and exactly what you want. But there are times when it is not helpful.

For example one of my kid’s name is “Tree”. If I simply add a tag to anything about him all anyone will find is articles on the birch, or global warming, or bark beetles. So, I will be using tags for people a bit differently.

Current tags for people:

jonyag – posts about Jon
jamieyag – posts about Jamie
treeyag – are you getting the trend yet . . .
samyag – this one if for Samantha
kielyag – yes, his names is pronounced like “Kyle”, but spelled “Kiel”
emyag – she may not be happy about it, but she is engaged to Kiel, so Emily is in.

Categories(partial list, just so you get the idea):

What I like – obvious.
What I don’t like – again obvious
Day to day – that basic happenings in our life. A sort of diary.
Jon – obvious again.

Well, I think you get the picture.